Ofertas de emprego
Técnico Superior – Engenharia Zootécnica, Agronómica ou Agrícola

BEP AÇORES — BOLSA DE EMPREGO PÚBLICO DOS AÇORES: CTFP a termo resolutivo incerto com vista ao provimento de 1 lugar de Técnico Superior afecto à Secretaria Regional da Agricultura e Florestas - Gabinete do Secretário Regional da Agricultura e Florestas - Serviço de Desenvolvimento Agrário das Flores e Corvo. Aceda aqui à respetiva Oferta nº 11243/2020, publicitada a 29-06-2020. Aceda aqui ao respetivo Aviso de Abertura.
Engenheiros Civis

Hoje são os Açores que estão em destaque e à procura de alguém interessado em crescer a fazer como Engenheiro Civil. Há por aí quem queira agarrar esta oportunidade? Envio de CV para rh.acores@tecnovia-acores.pt

The AIR Center has an open call for a researcher position with a doctorate in the scientific area of Astronomy and Space Sciences, to carry out studies, research and scientific development activities in the area of Radioastronomy and/or Space Situational Awareness (SSA). The contract envisages the promotion of R&D activities at Associação RAEGE Açores – Rede Atlântica de Estações Geodinâmicas e Espaciais (A-RAEGE-Az) in Santa Maria island, Azores, that are relevant to the Atlantic Interactions agenda pursued by the AIR Centre, namely in enabling key space applications and data science tools and addressing cross- cutting activities such as technology transfer. Space related activities, to be developed within the scope of the activity plan and the AIR Centre and A-RAEGE-Az, will benefit from existing and planned infrastructures in the Azores and in close collaboration with partner institutions/infrastructures. For more detailed info please see here: Open Call notice in English or Open Call notice in Portuguese. Deadline: 31 July 2020, 18h (GMT) ACEDA AQUI AO RESPECTIVO ANÚNCIO

The AIR Center has an open call for a position in Geodesy / Geophysics, to develop scientific activities in the areas of Geodynamic, Earth gravity, and Atmospheric processes. This call is opened within the scope of the AIR Centre’s activities and its association with Associação RAEGE Açores – Rede Atlântica de Estações Geodinâmicas e Espaciais (A-RAEGE-Az), located in Santa Maria, in the Azores, and is envisaged a collaboration with the Lowell Center for Space Science and Technology (University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA). Deadline: 31 July 2020, 18h (GMT) ACEDA AQUI AO RESPECTIVO EDITAL | ACEDA AQUI AO RESPECTIVO ANÚNCIO.
Test Engineer (f/m/d) – Sweden/Kiruna

We are looking for an exceptionally motivated technician (f/m/d) to join our special-projects rocketry team. This is a rare opportunity allowing you to be involved in demanding prototyping efforts that are supported by major, time-and-cost-critical test campaigns allowing us to close short-iteration development cycles at fast pace. You will work in a dedicated, dynamic and international environment that aims for excellence by creating high-performance engineering solutions while keeping prototyping and production costs at an absolute minimum.

Your responsibilities & tasks​

  • Test specialized pneumatic, electrical and mechanical systems
  • Develop test procedures and plan for testing activities
  • Comply with occupational health and safety rules
  • Find most cost-and-time-effective strategy for yielding relevant test results

Your qualifications​

  • Degree in engineering and/or related discipline
  • 5+ years of experience in the engineering sector
  • Strong understanding of different sensor types
  • Strong experience using National Instruments equipment or comparable
  • Experience with NX preferred or a similar CAD package and with LabVIEW is desirable
  • Mechanical aptitude for manual metal working machines and equipment
  • Outstanding passion for engineering, as clearly demonstrated by the vast number of extracurricular projects and activities
  • Job location will be Kiruna
  • Fluent English and Swedish oral and written
  • You are a quick learner and can adapt to new tools and environments
  • Practical, hands-on experience from electrical or mechanical projects (through university, personal or other)
  • Self-independent and a structured way of working High social intelligence and drive to jump-in and help wherever needed
If you would like to become a valuable member of our company, we look forward to receiving your complete application to the following email address:
Contact:   Rocket Factory Augsburg AG Human Resources – Simone Gratz Am Technologiezentrum 5 86159 Augsburg HR@rfa.space | Aceda aqui ao respectivo anúncio.